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Transport bike for companies

Is your company looking for an environmentally friendly means of transportation, especially suitable for urban environments? Then you are looking for a transport bike for companies. With a transport bike, you can travel easily and cost-effectively in an urban environment without polluting the environment. Explore our full range here.

What are the benefits of a transport bike for businesses?

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A bike has several advantages - starting with its low environmental footprint. A bicycle does not emit exhaust gases and does not contribute to the production of fuel.

In addition, the health benefits of cycling and exercise promote one's quality of life as well as productivity.

A transport bike for businesses is also superior to the car in an urban environment. The bike moves more fluidly than a car, as it does not need to be parked or manoeuvred in a limited street space. Moreover, you arrive at your workplace with a boost of energy instead of being frustrated by traffic.

Finally, overheads are added or rather eliminated. A bicycle costs nothing per mile. Compare this with a taxi or even worse, your own car - which incurs costs even when it is standing still.

Why should you choose Monark?

When you travel on business, it's important to arrive on time. That's why you choose a Monark. The high quality of our bike parts means you can rely on arriving on time. Since its inception, Monark has been a brand associated with reliability and durability.

Discover all our models here

Want to discover all our products? Check out our range here. Click on the different bike models to learn more about them. Of course, all our bike models are of high quality. This means that they are sturdy, robust and reliable.