Made in Sweden

We can proudly say that our bikes are 100% made in in Sweden The frame is produced just 300 meters from our factory, we anti corrosion treats the frame in-house as well as assemble the bike in our factory in Vansbro

In these days when more and more companies are moving their production towards Europe, we can be proud that our products always have been produced in Sweden and it has always been important for us to make sure our products make the least possible impact on the environment. Not just when they are being used but also in production. By using local suppliers and partners, we can shorten deliveries to our factory.


Monark Cargo and the future

The clear change of direction created by the Last mile challenge in early 2020 has developed Monark Cargo into the leading E-Cargo supplier in the Nordic market. With sustainable production through our own factory and Swedish-made products, the company's ambitions to actively contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society have really succeeded.

We will continue to contribute to a more active society and we also ensure that our factory is updated to be more energy efficient, where we make changes at all levels and have recently updated the factory with new energy-efficient LED lights.


Last mile delivery

There is a great deal of work going on at present on numerous fronts to develop fossil-free vehicles to fulfill a variety of needs. The collective term for the aim of this work has come to be “Last mile”, the final leg of a delivery.

The Last Mile is repeatedly identified as the most expensive and inefficient link in the entire delivery chain. Over the past decade e-commerce has increased substantially, and for the generation born since 2000 this has become their primary retail channel. The need to visit a physical store to make a purchase is perceived as troublesome and time-consuming. In 2019, 10% of retail sales in Sweden were carried out online. This figure is expected to increase significantly in the near future. One in every three households now shops online for their groceries.

One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is to develop sustainable transport that has minimal environmental impact, while ensuring the end customer a high level of service. Deliveries are currently distributed by lorries, smaller courier vans, electric-powered small cars and bikes to stores and consumers in city centres.

With an increased flow of people and vehicles, it also becomes more difficult for companies to distribute deliveries using lorries and larger courier vans. More and more cities are planning to make parts of their city center car-free, either completely or during certain periods. As a partner of Postnord for over 20 years, we have jointly developed the bikes for their operations.

Through the development of CENTRO we are demonstrating our trusted knowledge of the bike not only as a work tool, but also a colleague in day-to-day work and we are doing it in an eco-friendly way.

Monark Cargo’s CENTRO-3 is a custom-made e-cargo bike with a customized container or platform with a capacity of up to 1.4 m³. Centro 3 is the cargo bike that provides maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. Centro 3 can easily be adapted to customer requirements, with box or platform. We know that the the distribution via bike is going to get bigger for each year. Some of the many benefits of the bike as a tool are low cost, no fossil fuels and smooth passage through traffic.



We take pride in our quality work, and for us that is everything from our products to the customer service we provide - we are working to maintain high quality trough out the whole chain. The products must go through a product development process to ensure a safe product, the product doesn't stop developing when it is finished, we constantly improve our products, during the journey.