Workbike is a versatile and robust bicycle designed to simplify personal transportation within industrial and larger workplace environments. This bicycle has been crafted with a focus on efficiency, durability, and user comfort.

The Workbike is suitable for a wide range of industries and workplaces, including factories, warehouses, construction sites, hospitals, and distribution centers. It can be used to transport personnel to various workstations, deliver materials and tools, or navigate large facilities with ease.

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The bicycle in the above picture is in standard high-visibility yellow color, the aluminium box is an accessory.

We take pride in offering bicycles that are crafted specifically for our customers. Please note that the images of our bicycles may differ from the standard models, as each bike is tailored to meet our customers’ individual preferences and needs. We believe in providing a personalized and custom cycling experience and look forward to creating your dream bike together with you.


Colour: Black, high-visibility yellow (quotes can be provided for other colours)
Frame & fork: Steel frame 53 cm, steel front fork ​
Wheels: Aluminium, reinforced Cargo rim 559 mm
Gears: Shimano 1 sp/Shimano Nexus 3 sp
Brakes: Front hydraulic disc brake, rear foot brake
Carrier: Front luggage carrier 31 × 41 (LxW), rear Atran Maxi luggage carrier (carrier is black on all bikes)
Max. load: 20 kg front, 20 kg rear​
Weight: Weight 24 kg
Other: Comes with approved lock
Workbike 1-sp high-visibility yellow MCV410A125
Workbike 1-sp black MCV410A64
Workbike 3-sp high-visibility yellow MCV413A125
Workbike 3-sp black MCV413A64


C8400194 Lock Chain lock Axa Cherto
1865–10 H-ike front light with bracket

Please contact us for more information regarding accessories

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