Discover Freedom with Monark Cargo 523 – The Ultimate Adult Tricycle!

Are you longing for a bicycle that offers you the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality? Then the 523 is the ultimate bike for you! Experience the freedom and joy of the 523 today. Make it your companion on the roads and let it take you to new adventures every day. Order your 523 now and discover the amazing world of cycling just waiting to be explored! The low step-through makes it easy to get on and off the bike, making it ideal for adults of all ages.

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The bicycle in the above picture is in standard dark red color

We take pride in offering bicycles that are crafted specifically for our customers. Please note that the images of our bicycles may differ from the standard models, as each bike is tailored to meet our customers’ individual preferences and needs. We believe in providing a personalized and custom cycling experience and look forward to creating your dream bike together with you.


Colour:  Dark red, blue (quotes can be provided for other colours)
Frame & fork:  Steel frame 54 cm, double steel front forks​
Wheels:  Alu rim 2.3 mm, spokes 20ʺ​
Gears:  Shimano Nexus 3 sp
Brakes:  Shimano front roller brake on both wheels, rear foot brake
Carrier: Atran luggage carrier
Dimensions: Width 88 cm, length 160 cm
Entry frame height: 15.5 cm
Max. load: 20 kg front, 40 kg rear
Max. user weight: 120 kg
Weight: Weight 25 kg
Other: Comes with approved lock, bike basket and light.

523 dark red MCV52358
523 blue MCV52368


6965-25 Large front basket 74 cm x 47 cm x 11 cm, black
C8400194 Lock Chain lock Axa Cherto
5541 Saddle cover sheepskin

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