Monark Cargo and Premo – A Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

Monark Cargo is proud to be a participant in Premo’s recently completed journey towards completely emission-free transportation. After several years of intensive work and commitment, Premo, with the support of Monark Cargo, has achieved the goal of making all transports for its nearly 1,000 newspaper carriers completely emission-free.


Premo, owned by Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet, has been responsible for the distribution of morning newspapers in Greater Stockholm since 1971. Premo’s vision of reaching over two million residents with home deliveries seven days a week was recently achieved by making all transports emission-free. Jan Persson, Premo’s CEO, expressed pride in this transformation and emphasized the importance of celebrating this milestone.

“I am proud that we have succeeded in this major transformation. This is a day to celebrate,” says Jan Persson.


At Monark Cargo, we have been a partner in Premo’s journey towards sustainability. Our Centro 3-cycle has been an integral part of Premo’s now fully electric and muscle-powered transport fleet. With 243 Paxsters, 217 electric bicycles, 53 electric cars, and over 100 newspaper carts, Premo’s newspaper carriers now reach all Stockholm residents’ mailboxes with minimal environmental impact.

Urban Larsson, Fleet Manager at Premo, emphasized the importance of collaboration with suppliers, and Monark Cargo has been a key factor in achieving this ambitious goal.

“Together with the suppliers, we have found the right vehicles and established a very good collaboration. They have absolutely been a crucial part in accomplishing this,” says Urban Larsson.


At Monark Cargo, we continue to be dedicated to offering sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for transportation needs. Our partnership with Premo is an inspiring success story and a reminder that every company can play a role in promoting a greener future.

We are proud to have been a part of Premo’s journey towards emission-free transportation. Our commitment to sustainability continues to grow, and we look forward to being a driving force for change in the transportation sector. Together with Premo and other like-minded partners, we strive towards a future where every delivery is a sustainable delivery.