Monark Cargo & Djurgården Hockey

For many years, Djurgården has been a professional partner in the realm of training and performance, linked to both elite and youth activities. Our test and training bicycles have been and continue to be a crucial part of their competitive sports environment, year-round.

Now, the collaboration takes the next step and ventures into the marketing department of Djurgården ishockey. 

“It is with great joy that we can now expand our collaboration to include things that concretely drive business benefits,” says Daniel Mäkinen, CEO of Monark Exercise. With the help of our new Cargo Bike Centro 3, added values that aligns great in these times. 

The bike, in its own fresh design, becomes a new and useful tool for Djurgården to quickly and flexibly, with a high level of service, reach out to the interested public during various events, activations, souvenir sales, and more.

– Det är glädjande att konstatera att vår Cargo-modell, känd för sin förmåga att hantera distribution, även får synas i andra sammanhang. Oavsett var den gör nytta finns alltid ett tydligt hållbarhetsperspektiv.

KG Stoppel is the marketing manager at Djurgården Hockey.

“Djurgården Hockey look forward to the continued collaboration. For over 20 years, we have together developed and stimulated each other in testing and training. Now, we are expanding the collaboration by also considering business benefits and other products. This will mean that we put Stockholm in even more motion.”