Kickbike for health care facilities

Looking for a kick bike for use in healthcare facilities? Indoor Cargo is our range of kick bikes designed for indoor use. Browse our different models of indoor bikes here.

Kick bikes for health care professionals - meet Indoor Cargo

These bike models are designed to simplify indoor transportation in hospitals, general healthcare facilities, construction sites and other workplaces.They are quick and easy to move between departments .They can also carry lighter loads.

Sparkcyklar för sjukhus och vårdanställda

Secure kick bikes for hospitals

You can feel safe with our sturdy and stable healthcare bike models.All our indoor bikes are equipped with a brake and a bell. You can quickly and safely stop and show that you are coming.

Browse all our models

Are you interested in a kick bike for healthcare professionals? Here you can find our range. Click on the different models to learn more. These bikes are for indoor use only. Of course, they provide classic Monark quality by being sturdy, robust and reliable.