Ekbergs Fönsterputs & Städ

Ekbergs Window Cleaning & Cleaning Services, a company that not only ensures crystal-clear windows but also takes significant steps towards a sustainable future. Founder Lennart Ekberg initiated his business on a bicycle, and that journey has evolved into an impressive commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions.

The tale of Ekbergs Window Cleaning & Cleaning Services begins with Lennart Ekberg, who once cycled to his assignments with a ladder on his shoulder and a bucket on the handlebars to clean windows. Today, they have elevated their environmental commitments with an impressive fleet of bicycles, where Monark Cargos Centro-1 and Centro-3 have replaced the simple bicycle from the company’s inception.

Monark Cargos Centro-1 and Centro-3, in the stylish Racing Green color, have become part of the company’s brand. Moreover, Centro-3 is adorned with Ekbergs Window Cleaning & Cleaning Services’ logo, turning the bicycles into moving billboards as they navigate the city streets. It’s not just a way to be visible to customers but also a powerful expression of the dedication to sustainability.

For Ekbergs Window Cleaning & Cleaning Services, the environmental aspect is not merely a trend but a core principle. In an era where climate issues and environmental responsibility are increasingly crucial in business, the company has chosen to make significant investments in the environment. They understand that customers demand eco-friendly alternatives, and by investing in electric bicycles, they are paving the way for a greener future.

Today, Ekbergs Window Cleaning & Cleaning Services already has several cycling teams in operation, and looking ahead, they plan for even more. By integrating electric bicycles into their workflow, the company demonstrates that it is possible to combine efficiency with environmental considerations. Every pedal stroke is not just a step closer to a sparkling clean facade but also a contribution to reducing the company’s ecological footprint.

Monark Cargos is proud to be a part of Ekbergs Window Cleaning & Cleaning Services’ journey towards sustainability. Their Centro series of electric bicycles has not only transformed the way the company moves but has also become a symbol of their commitment to a greener and cleaner future.