CENTRO 3 – More Than Just a Bike, It’s Your Mobile Advertising Billboard

CENTRO 3 – More Than Just a Bike, It’s Your Mobile Advertising Billboard

At Monark Cargos, we realize that Centro 3 is not just a bicycle; it also represents the face of your business, a dynamic advertising platform. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the design, as there is significant advertising value to be gained.

While we can confirm that Centro 3 has substantial advertising value, pinpointing the exact extent can be challenging. Several factors come into play, including the bike’s location, the number of potential customers in the area, and how you have customized the bike. Consider fully wrapping all sides of the bike for added visibility—you can even wrap the roof, visible even from elevated heights.

Imagine cycling through a bustling city with numerous observers; in such a scenario, your bike can be likened to a billboard or other outdoor advertising structures. With a prominently displayed logo and the company’s colors, the bike transforms into more than just a mode of transportation—it becomes a mobile advertising billboard!

Think about the cost of an advertising space in your city throughout the year. Your bike will likely be in use year-round, or at least for the majority of the year. Also, consider that more people are likely to turn their heads as you zoom by than those who notice an advertisement in a bus shelter.

We believe you can account for significant value in your new advertising billboard. In a major city, the advertising value could be around 200,000 SEK per year and per bike. This means that you have easily covered the cost of your bike through the advertising it generates.

So, invest in Centro 3 not just as a means of transportation but as a savvy advertising tool that not only gets you around but also turns heads and adds substantial value to your brand.