Bikes for property management

Bikes for property management

If your property managers need a flexible way to get between different properties during working hours and your company aims to become more environmentally conscious – then you need bicycles from Monark. We offer several models that suit all your commitments with cargo areas on which you can pack tools and other accessories property managers need to bring to work.


For your property managers, we recommend the following bikes:

The most popular bike for your regular workday transport needs is the Centro 1. Although it has only two wheels, it is well balanced due to the stable support of the front tires. With this bike you can get from place to place in no time.

If you need to load tools and slightly heavier parts, the Centro 2 is the perfect bike. Owing to its three wheels and the size of ita cargo area, you will keep your balance and experience a smooth transport experience.

When you need to haul larger parts and/or tools to a property, the Centro 3 handles this with ease. With a cargo space of 1.4 cubic meters, you can transport larger goods in the inner city, if necessary. With a load carrying capacity of up to 200 kg, the center of gravity is on the rear tires, which makes the bike easy to maneuver even in the narrowest of alleys.

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Who you should choose a Monark Bike

Riding your bike between properties, it is vital to be able to get around unimpeded, and that any load you carry with you remains in pristine condition. To acheive this, you need a Monark  bike.

Because of bikes built with high quality parts, you can rely on your goods survivingen the journey from A to B. Since its inception, Monark has been a brand associated with reliability and durability.

Explore all our bike models

Are you interested in seeing all our products? You can take a look at our range here. Click on the different bicycle models to read more about them.  Naturally, all our bikes models are of the same high quality as on would expect from a Monark. Meaning they are substantial, robust and reliable.

Are your property managers in need of new bikes? Monark can help!

If your property managers takes the car to their assigned duties but your company want to move towards a more environmentally friendly model, Monark offers  the very best bikes for short and long work related travel and transport.