Bikes for janitors

If your janitors are in need of convenient ways of getting between properties and/or would you like to move to towards becoming more environmentally conscious, you need bikes from Monark. We offer several models suitable for janitorial needs. We also offer model with cargo areas which you can utilize for tools and other things your janitors use on a daily basis.

Which of our bike models would we recommend for janitors?

For your janitors we consider the following bike models to be suitable:

Our most popular bike for everyday transportation needs is the Centro 1. Despite its two wheels it balances well thanks to its stable support at the front tires. With Centro 1 you can move from property to property in quick succesion and in an easy and secure manner.

If you need to carry along tools and other heavy things, the Centro 2 is the bike for you. With its three wheels and considerable cargo area, you will maintain your balance and get yourself to were you want you be without any issues.

In case you are required to carry even heavier loads and/or even more tools to a property, the Centro 3 will handle it. With a cargo space as large as 1.4 square meters, it allows for transporting heavier and bulkier cargo in the inner city. With a load carrying capacity of up to 200 kg the bike's center of gravity falls on its back wheels, which makes the Centro 3 easy to maneuver even in the narrowest of alleys.

Why chose a bike from Monark?

To be able to ride your bike between properties it is important that you may maneuver unimpeded, easily and safely. You do desire that tools and other cargo aren't thrown about or damaged in any way. Given this, a Monark bike is a natural option.

Because of the high quality of our bike components, you can trust that your cargo - and you yourself - will survive the journey. At Monark, we have since our inception aimed to be a brand associated with reliability and dependability. Want to ride a bike safely and securely? Get a Monark.

Discover all our bike models

Was your interest for our products piqued? Click here to browse our assortment of products. Please click on  the bike models that interests you to learn more about it. As always, all of our products are of great quality - meaning they are solidly built, robust and reliable.

Does your janitor need new bike keys? Monark will help you out!

If your janitors usually takes the case to your various properties and estates, but you would rather move towards a more environmentally friendly policy, Monark offers the very best bikes for transporting tools and so on, at bort shorter and longer distances.