Bikes for camping

As summer approaches, so does camping season. That's when you need a bike with excellent carrying capabilities - which the team at Monark offers. Our well-equipped bikes keep their balance even with the heaviest of packs.

If you run a campsite, it's a good idea to buy a few bikes and have them available for guests to rent/borrow.

We recommend these bikes for your campsite

We recommend these bikes:

Centro 1 is a simple two-wheeled bike which you can use with light packing. With a stable support and a low step, this model is suitable for long rides and as well as everyday use.

Centro 2 is a three-wheeled bike with the load carrying capacity of half a euro pallet. This means you can load up to 60 kg in the front, and 40 kg in the back without any issues, which in turn means you can pack double tents - with mattresses - should you need to.

If you want a bike that protects your pack from the elements, the Centro 3 is the model for you. The locker on the back of the bike can handle a load of 1.4 cubic meteres, allowing you to pack everything from a grill to a cooler. Or both!

Workbike is the prototype of what a bike should be. It does everything, just as it was designed to do. Even when heavily loaded, this bike is easy to handle. A similar model is Truck. Its design is enduring, well-liked and it is a robust work horse of a  bike that only gets better with age.

When neither Centro 1 nor 2 is enough for your transport needs, consider our Trailer model as a good complement. With a max load weight of 60 kg and support wheels, it can stand undisturbed horizontally without tipping over. If not even 60 kg is enough load capacity for your needs, consider Bike Trailer. With a load capacity of up to 200 kg, this beast transports most things without any issues.

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Reasons to choose a bike from Monark

When you go camping, it is important that the pack is well balanced and that everything is well protected from the elements. This is why you should choose a Monark. With our our bikes being constructed using high quality parts, you can trust that your pack will make the trip. Since its inception, Monark has been a brand associated with reliability and durability.

Explore all of our bike models

Would you like to explore all our bike models? Click here to brows our complete catalog of bikes.  Just click on each bike models that catches your interest. Naturally, all these bike models are of the same high quality as one can can expect from a Monark bicycle. This means they are substantial, robust and reliable.