Bicycles for delivery companies

Time to update your delivery bikes? Maybe it's time to switch to electric bikes? In that case we have the solutions for you and your company. Monark bikes are well suited to be ridden as smoothly as possible, carry a large load and offer a stable riding experience.

Our bikes are built with high quality components which allows them to be maneuvered in tight streets which is ideal for delivery companies.

Which of our bikes do we recommend for delivery companies?

We recommend the following of our bikes for delivery companies:

Centro 1 has a basic design which is perfect for lighter loads. Comes equipped  with two wheels, keeping the bike steady and equalizes the weight of the load over the entire bike. A low step and a stable support translate into a smooth riding experience.

If, on the other hand, you need a slightly larger loading area, the Centro 2 is perfect for you. With three wheels the load is balanced and you stay stable on the road.

Centro 3 is used by everything from shipping to cleaning companies, and businesses that engage in mobile sales. The possibilities are endless with the 1.4 M³ cargo cover.

Reasons to choose a bike from Monark

When you are delivering an item as a courier company, it is important that you arrive on time, and that the cargo is not damaged. Therefore, you should choose a Monarch.

With high quality parts, you can trust that your goods will last the journey. Since its inception, Monark has been a brand associated with reliability and durability.

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Naturally, all of our bikes models maintain the same high quality as our other Monark bikes. This means they are robust and reliable.