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Monark Cargo a part of Monark Exercise, located in Vansbro, Dalarna In our factory in Vansbro we are manufacturing cargo and special bikes under the brand Monark Cargo, and also test and rehabilitation bikes under the brand Monark Sports & Medical. During 2009-2022 we were responsible for the distribution of Bianchi bikes in Sweden, Bianchi is since the summer 2022 responsible for their own distribution in the Nordic countries. Our sister company Monark in Varberg is manufacturing standard bikes for the consumer maket.


"A bike from Monark Cargo is a work-tool built to last. Monark's bikes are available in a variety of designs; everything from the old postal bike to indoor scooters, tricycles. We are veterans of e-cargo bikes, as early as 1995, we manufactured our first e-cargo bike. "


Monark Cargo has been manufacturing cargo bikes long before the concept cargo bike even existed. We are known to produce products with a long lifespan and great quality. Our bikes are manufactured in Sweden by bike builders who take pride in true craftsmanship, innovation and quality.
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A true swedish product

We can really stand behind "made in Sweden" The frame is produced just 300 meters from our factory, we anti corrosion treats the frame in-house as well as assemble the bike in our factory in Vansbro
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There is a great deal of work going on at present on numerous fronts to develop fossil-free vehicles to fulfill a variety of needs. The CENTRO range, a Last Mile Delivery fleet with the needs of the user in mind. The distribution by bike is going to increase in the future.
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Kroons cykelaffär på allegatan med bror Olsen



It all started with Monark in Varberg 1908 and Kroon in Vansbro 1910. In the 70s Monark bought the Kroon factory and we became a part of Monark. 1996 Monark Exercise AB was born in Vansbro, and today we are a part of Cycleurope, owned by Grimaldi Industries.