Work tools, designed for daily use in all weathers, whatever the situation or setting.

Monark cargo

A part of Monark Exercise AB

E-cargo for heavier and bigger transports, Light cargo for lighter transports, Indoor cargo for lighter transports indoor och Special so that we can offer everyone the chance to ride a bike

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User first approach

Our bikes are work tools designed to perform on a daily basis, whatever the situation and setting.

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Made in Sweden, Vansbro

Our bikes are manufactured in Sweden by bike builders who take pride in true craftsmanship, innovation and quality.

Centro 3

Centro 3 is the cargo bike that provides maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. The bike’s container or platform with a load capacity of 1.4 m³ can easily be adapted to customer requirements. A perfect and sustainable work tool for flexible distribution of goods.

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A supplier to trust

We have a long and proven history in aftermarket services
and long-term customer relationships. We are a supplier to trust

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Urban delivery

We have a thorough understanding of what and who our bikes are made for. We are familiar with the needs of the market. Our bikes are more than "just cargo bikes". They are equipment that provides added value for our customers.

Last mile delivery

One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is to develop sustainable transport that has minimal environmental impact, while ensuring the end customer a high level of service. Deliveries are currently distributed by lorries, smaller courier vans, electric-powered small cars and bikes to stores and consumers in city centres.

Centro 3

Platform, Probox or your own built solution, what is your company's preference? Carriers for front and rear, with different solutions.